Arhetipon premium olive oil 5lt

This is our production line where we have applied all the procedures with the certificates and ISO’s which have been obtained in order to produce extra virgin olive oil for your special taste. We will be able very soon to supply with any desired quantity.

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Nutritional value per 100ml

ENERGY VALUE 824Kcal / 3389kJ
FAT 91,6g
of which
Saturates 12,8g
Mono-unsaturates 70,5g
Polyunsaturates 8,3g
of which
Sugars 0,0g
SALT 0,0g

Organoleptic Characteristics

Acidity 0,39%
Peroxides 7,5 mEq 02/Kg
Waxes 78 mg/Kg
UV absorption
K270 0,127
K232 1,698
DK -0,002

Loading Data Arhetipon Premium Olive Oil 5lt

5 lt Bottle “Arhetipon”

Carton box dimensions 310x246x342 mm
Pcs / carton box 4
Gross carton box weight 21.2 kg

Europallet 1,20*0,80*1,50

Total carton boxes 44
Carton boxes / layer 11
Total layers 4
Pcs / pallet 176
Gross pallet weight 947.8 kg

Europallet 1,20*0,80*83.4

Total carton boxes 22
Carton boxes / layer 11
Total layers 2
Pcs / pallet 88
Gross pallet weight 466.4 kg