Quality Control

Traceability in food industry is the ability to trace anytime the chronicle, the best applied practices and the ingredients used in every phase of production, processing and distribution of a food product!


Nowadays, according to the EU Directives 178/2002 (Article 18) implementation of traceability in food industry is mandatory. All businesses must incorporate Traceability Practices and state representatives must check if regulations followed are truly compliant. Developing and running a Traceability System is mandatory for companies, so they can track and evaluate every phase of the food’s production and distribution process. It’s by far the most effective method to ensure quality, because it makes a possible callback of faulty goods extremely easy and it can even prevent a possible foodborne disease from spreading.


Installing a Traceability Control Unit in a food business, provides better monitoring of its own products thus it traces faults in standard procedures, in order to improve safety and ensure food quality. Even if an error occurs, that might cause a faulty good or risk the quality standards, the T.C.U. has the ability to collect all the necessary data for the business to successfully accomplish a callback by focusing directly on the cause of the damage. This way, you can shield public health from cases such as possible foodborne pathogens and diseases, plus the business itself profits greatly from improving production methods to avoid future faults, also to sustain a thesis and more importantly to professionally deal with a crisis, in order to build confidence among clients and suppliers.


Especially in the olive oil industry, and moreover in a country such as Greece that places 3rd in major olive oil producers worldwide and where olive oil is rightfully considered a national product, practicing Traceability everywhere in the chain of olive oil production becomes a must-have for olive oil businesses. During this 21st century Great Depression, which means reduced export activity, it’s more than clear that promoting traceability methods so businesses can deal with issues in food safety, has become a top priority nationally.


Considering all the issues stated above, ELEOKOMIA developed and applied an extremely successful Traceability System from farm to fork, monitoring every part of the production and supply chain(farm → olive oil press → olive oil packaging & labeling → distribution) meeting all international accreditation standards for food traceability, therefore certified with ISO 22005:2007.